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Reducing Property Tax Liabilities

Robert Ingram - Property Tax Consultant

Robert Ingram

Senior Tax Consultant and Broker

TDLR # 10244

TREC # 571021

Robert Ingram became interested in property tax as a child seeing his father buy property on the courthouse steps. Later protesting in self-defense on his own properties.

After buying a house for $20,000, which H.C.A.D. immediately assessed the house for $120,000; not finding Relief in the informal with the closing statement and HUD in hand. His next stop was the A.R.B. Told by my peers the A.R.B. Chairman and other members they would take care of me. Leaving with a $96,000.00 reduction and very proud!

Elizabeth V Nelms ask... "Did you show the Closing Statement and HUD? "I answered, "yes and yes." Elizabeth V Nelms then explained that I was over appraised by 20%; "fair market value is $20,000, which you paid."

Embarrassed the war was on!

Encouraged by Elizabeth V Nelms, I obtained my consultant license and the rest is history.

Elizabeth Nelms has 33 years' experience as a successful business owner in Houston. 

Her company Nelms & Associates Services has been protesting property taxes for 8 years. She has been responsible for overseeing and assisting with a wide variety of property tax appeals in several counties of Texas.

Elizabeth attended the University of Virginia and the University of Houston before becoming a Realtor in 1976. Through the years Elizabeth worked as a Real Estate broker and a Mortgage broker.

She is knowledgeable in handling all aspects of property from residential to business personal property and commercial. She really knows how to get the job done and done right.

Elizabeth Nelms

Elizabeth Nelms

Senior Tax Consultant and Broker

TDLR # 3856

TREC #3856

Ken Lynch

Real Estate Sales Agent

TREC License # 582595

Fourteen years ago, I owned an old house in the heights and worked for Robert Ingram in a different capacity. One day he asked if I ever protested my property taxes. 

At that time, I did not even know that was possible. I said no, so Robert said that he would take care of it. I went with Robert and we reduced the value of my property by $87,000. 

Like a five pound bass on a spinner bait, I was HOOKED

At present, I have a real estate sales license which allows me to protest taxes and should get my state tax consultant license in 2013. I currently do research, hearings, and billing for Nelms & Associates Services.

Collin Cox

Property Tax Consultant and Salesperson

TDLR License # 11138

TREC # 613382

Robert Gamel

Property Tax Consultant and Broker

TDLR License # 11143

TREC # 347981